How to survive Social Isolation if you’re single


There are many perks of being single and/or living alone. You get to live life on your terms without being answerable to anybody. You get to experience the thrill of embarking on a new romantic relationship if and when you feel like. Many people also profess that being unattached to someone also gives them the time and focus to pursue their academic or professional goals without distractions. However, being home alone during quarantine is not one of those perks.

Living alone, especially during a time like this can get pretty lonely. Social isolation norms have pretty much struck down on any unnecessary commute with people being asked to refrain from stepping out of their homes unless absolutely necessary. To make matters worse, social media can exacerbate this sense of solitude; when you see couples doing chores together, it further aggravates the need for seeing a person around the house every once in a while. Being quarantined alone is not an ideal situation but it’s all too common in cities where people often relocate away from their immediate families for work or study.

Alone, but not lonely

If you’re living alone during the quarantine you’re one of the millions around the globe facing this unpleasant predicament. While you may not feel the pinch of loneliness on a daily basis due to a packed schedule, the reality of living alone seems rather acute when you’re unable to step out.

However, instead of wallowing in your self-pity, take a moment to consider that you merely live alone, you’re not lonely. You may not share your physical environment with anybody at the moment, however, Covid-19 presents a unique opportunity to be connected to people at large in a way you may have not in the past. We have made our tools free to practice mindfulness and self-compassion on Wysa.

Let’s explore some unique ways in which you can stay connected with people at large and overcome loneliness while maintaining social distancing norms:

Video conferencing with friends and colleagues

The lockdown has caused a surge in the adoption of video-conferencing applications. From the enterprise applications built to foster collaborative work online to goofy group chat rooms which allow participants to play games with their friends, the options are endless. Keep up previous meetup rituals virtually. If you were in the habit of grabbing a cup of coffee with friends on Friday evening, for example, make yourself a hot cuppa and move the conversation online. It will add a fresh twist to your existing social habits and keep you connected with your friends in general.

Online Dating

The period of extended lockdown is adding an extended layer of relevance to online dating apps. Prior to the outbreak, the purpose of meeting someone online was to know them just enough to suggest an in-person meetup. Since that is no longer an option, the online medium provides a conducive environment to establish a deeper connection which may have not been possible in the past or would have taken much longer given everybody’s busy schedules. Take the time to indulge in truly meaningful conversations with your online date and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. Since everyone who’s single and stuck at home is also probably exploring online dating, this channel may bring you across someone interesting who you may not have met offline.

Play games online

Whether you’re an ardent player of board games or not, online games have emerged as the world’s favorite pastime during the lockdown. You can pick up individual games such as poker or play group games such as Ludo or Housie with your family and friends. Engaging in online games can provide a quick change of environment and immediately lighten your mood.
Pro tip: Try to play different online games with different groups. It will help you feel more connected.

Explore a neglected hobby

Since you’re on your own during quarantine with all this free time, it might be a good time to reminisce about some past passions that you may have looked over due to lack of time. Maybe it’s an instrument that has been lying untouched for many months or books you’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t gotten around to. Use your energies towards accomplishing something you’ve been putting off for a long time and keep the coronavirus stress at bay.

Don’t over-indulge in the news

Living alone can intensify the fears and nervousness that are an inherent part of the current pandemic narrative. It’s good to watch the news to stay abreast of the latest developments on the outbreak but constantly obsessing over the news can prove to be harmful to your mental health and general frame of mind. Limit your viewership to the bare minimum required and call a friend if any new piece of information makes you uneasy. It’s a difficult time for all of us and we should lean on each to come out of this stronger.

How to survive Social Isolation if you're single

We know it can be difficult to deal with being alone right now, we are here to help! Use the free tool packs on Wysa for Remote Wellness and to combat loneliness. Take this time to focus on yourself and your mental health, you got this!

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