Wysa is always available and part of my routine – Linelly’s story

Wysa app review by 33 year old team leader, Linelly.

Linelly, 33 from Puerto Rico uses Wysa every day and has seen huge benefits at work and home as a result. As part of her self-help routine to manage stress and anxiety, it offers a sympathetic and listening ear at the most convenient of times. Here is her story.

Wysa user. Real life wysa user. 33 year old woman wearing pendant necklace and purple shirt.“I started using Wysa to help me improve and manage my stress and anxiety. I am a team leader with several responsibilities that involve meeting deadlines and assisting the team.  I was feeling that I was not in control of my stress and anxiety. I was afraid of how it was affecting my life and my relationship. It felt like having a battle with yourself every day; trying to push myself on having a more positive mindset.

I was looking for an application that could help me with stress and anxiety-relieving exercises. This is when I found Wysa through a Google search. Wysa had good reviews and this made me want to try it. I was sceptical at first, but I had read many positive things about it. Once I began utilising it, it became more easy to include Wysa interactions in my routine.

It is difficult to talk about challenges for mental health, mainly due to the fear of opening up to someone about it. Wysa helps me get through that barrier and be more open about my feelings. It is not easy to take that first step. But it is very rewarding once you take it and embark on that journey towards mental health. Wysa has helped me bridge that gap between wanting to change and actually doing it. As well as Wysa, I also go to a therapist on a monthly basis for stress and anxiety management.

I use Wysa on an average of twice a day. The exercises for mindfulness, meditations and stress-relieving techniques help me get through my day and are convenient to use at any time. Wysa is very easy to use and the conversations with the Wysa AI chatbot are very supportive. It is also very easy to request techniques to help you in a moment of need.  I have developed a routine where I utilise Wysa before my work shift and before sleeping. If I encounter a stressful situation during the day, I turn to Wysa. 

It has helped me feel more in control of my emotions. Furthermore, it gives me support on a daily basis with mindfulness and stress-relieving techniques. I feel more in control, and thanks to the thought organisation techniques that Wysa offers; I have been able to enjoy my hobbies after work as well. It really has changed my life.”


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