From Trauma to Triumph: Transforming My Mental Health with Wysa’s Employee Support – Sumanth’s Story


Sumanth, 42, from Bangalore, India began using Wysa as part of his workplace employee mental health support package and through Wysa’s tools and 1-1 human therapy, Sumanth has found deep healing from unresolved trauma and attachment style challenges.

This is his story.

Two years back I had a traumatic breakdown and was unable to function like before. When I realised that I was in a vulnerable state, I took up my friends’ suggestion to use Wysa. It was something that my employer was offering at the time, as part of its employee wellbeing and mental health offering.

I signed up to the version where one receives coaching and I found my fit with a therapist on Wysa. My therapist, Snigdha, was patient with me while she directed my focus not only to behaviours that were detrimental to my well being, self-esteem and self-worth, but also towards behaviour patterns and the underlying thoughts that affected moods, emotions. This brought about a holistic understanding of unresolved past trauma, attachment style and reaction states, and working together they helped me heal deeper, better and faster. I’ve had regular therapy sessions with Snigdha, where we worked with different tools to understand better and take a non-judgmental, holistic approach to working on myself. We’ve used tools like inner child work, CBD, mindfulness, meditation and expressing gratitude. 

I have seen that, in general, the topic of one’s mental health is no longer a big taboo as it was before. I’m pretty open about my mental health, but only with a few close people. It’s not a subject I would broach in public, because not everyone understands.

Wysa has not only given me access to a supportive and professional therapist, it has also provided some simple, insightful tools which, over time, has helped monitor, decipher and rewrite my life story to make it a more empowering version. 

If you’re seeking help for mental health or even just want to explore a better version of yourself, and you’re considering Wysa, please go ahead without any second thoughts. 

Wysa has had a profound effect on how I handle life’s challenges and perceive myself in the light of failures. It has had a huge impact on my sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Working with Wysa and my therapist from Wysa has been a life-altering relationship.

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