How to overcome feelings of powerlessness during the Coronavirus Outbreak?


As adults, we’re not used to asking for permission as often as we did when we were kids. Going to work, going out for a meal, watching a movie in the theatre, attending a party with friends, and so on are deeply embedded in our social fabric and we took these routines for granted. Suddenly not being able to move about freely in the open does enforce an environment of restriction and prohibition that we’re not familiar with. We feel powerless because we feel caged in.

On a slightly more serious note, all of us are surrounded by uncertainty with respect to our profession or occupation. The way we work is changing and with it, the relevance and importance of many existing job roles. This conclusive lack of timeline of the ongoing pandemic is the root cause of the powerlessness we feel.

Ways to manage the feelings of powerlessness amidst coronavirus fears

Accept the change

Unless you’re a scientist researching the vaccine for the virus or a healthcare worker providing essential services during these troubled times, there is very little you can do to change the macro environment. So, accept the change and take steps to impact your immediate environment and you’ll feel better.

Take charge of your immediate surroundings

There are many ways in which you can be of help in your immediate locality in a safe, contactless way. Offer to stock up on essentials for your elderly neighbors. Organize an online board game for those who are looking for a company. Play a musical instrument on your balcony. Contribute in small ways in reducing someone else’s suffering and you’ll find your own sense of powerlessness diminishing.

Listen to webinars

Many leading professionals are hosting online webinars to help people in the community overcome this sense of powerlessness. They speak on a variety of topics that narrow down on specific concerns that people in a certain age-group or profession may have. Log in to one of them and open yourself up to new perspectives on the pandemic. Being well-informed is akin to being better prepared.

Video call your loved ones

Interacting with people also curtails the loneliness we feel from being home around the clock. Just being around people and hearing a discussion can help you feel more connected to the world at large. Dial-up a friend as you cook lunch or exercise; it’s the next best thing to being in the same room as them. Remember, you can also always talk to Wysa!

How to overcome feelings of powerlessness during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Take on a task of self-improvement

Set a goal or a task-list for yourself and dedicate time towards achieving that goal. It can be a work-related goal, an academic achievement, or a step towards becoming fitter. Consciously working towards a certain task day after day will help you gain control of your life even in lockdown.

Build a supportive community around you

Remember that you’re not the only one feeling powerless right now, many others around you are harboring similar thoughts. Try engaging with people around you especially those with lesser means and offer help wherever possible. Random acts of kindness go a long way to foster positivity and alleviate the sense of powerlessness.

Reign in your thoughts

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the end of the world narrative keeps gathering steam every now and then. Many conspiracy theories are released which further instigate fear and worry in our hearts and minds. Steer clear of these conversations and engage in discussions based on cold, hard facts. Go a step further to look for positive news amidst the clutter and believe that things will get better sooner. Truth be told, it’s not easy to spend the whole day indoors. For a generation of people who are used to taking cabs at the click of a few buttons on the smartphone and catching flights more than a couple times a year for work and leisure, being told to stop everything and sit at home is an unsettling situation, to say the least. The situation is emasculating and we all feel powerless in the wake of the global crisis. But the magnitude of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic cannot be underestimated and we must do all we can to contain the spread. While we all understand what’s right and what needs to be done, it doesn’t make it any easier. Try using Wysa to foster positive thinking by reframing your thoughts.

The feeling of powerlessness is simmering in most personal and professional conversations taking place in the world right now; it’s an uneasy emotion but with the focus, we can learn to overcome feelings of powerlessness during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

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