Wysa’s affordable text-based therapy – Haruka’s Story

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After graduating, 28 year old Health Coach, Haruka found herself in a toxic work environment. Due to her increasing anxiety levels, her partner suggested therapy. Haruka has now been using Wysa’s 1-1 human text-based therapy for over 2 years and has learnt ways to cope with her stress and anxiety and built strength and resilience. Here is her story.

“I’ve been using the Wysa therapist for about 2 years and 2 months now. I started talking to a therapist on Wysa after I graduated from university. The company I joined turned out to be a very toxic workplace, and my anxiety got really bad. My partner suggested I get help, since therapy was really helpful for me during university (therapy sessions were free at my university).

I knew therapy would be expensive, so I didn’t think I could continue. However, I found out that Wysa therapists are really affordable, and I was able to continue getting help. I liked that I could book unlimited sessions whenever I wanted, depending on the therapist’s schedule. It took some time to get used to message-based therapy, as I was used to in-person therapy. One thing I learned using Wysa is that it’s important to tell the therapist what you like and what you don’t like. I felt that it could be sometimes hard to understand what the other person is thinking, so you can ask your therapist not to use certain expressions or to use more emojis.

I received so much help from my therapists, Smrti and Mahima. After two years of therapy on Wysa, I became a more compassionate and resilient person. Many difficult things happened during the past two years, but each time, I grew stronger and learned ways to cope with stress and difficulties. I can’t appreciate Wysa therapists more and I recommend it to everyone looking for affordable therapy sessions.”

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