My Wysa Coach genuinely cares for me. I’ve found so much solace and growth.

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Eri, 38 from Japan began using Wysa after her previous efforts to seek phone counselling support for her mental health struggles were unsuccessful. Working with a Wysa coach and utilising Wysa’s self-help tools, Eri has been taking small steps each week to recover her mental health and regain her connection with society. 6 months later Eri has found solace and gained the confidence to share her own experiences in the hopes of helping others.

This is her story.

Ten years ago, I lost my mother, and life became an uphill battle. Depression, panic attacks, sleeping problems and chronic pains became unwelcome companions and despite my best efforts to seek help, the support I found was inadequate. My sister was busy in her life with work, her husband and her son and my relationship with my father was strained, his temper often causing me stress.

After my mother’s death, I got a new job working at the bank, but I found the workplace quite stressful. It was a strict, top-down workplace where employees were not allowed to speak up against the directors. I often found it hard to speak honestly and open up with other employees and when my health condition deteriorated, I was not able to work overtime. Then, my coworker started to ignore me, which caused even more stress for me and after taking sick leave for about a year, I quit.

I tried phone counselling services first, but the therapists were not certified and did not seem safe or helpful to me. When I found out about the Wysa app on the Internet, I immediately became interested. The quality of the service seemed excellent, and the coaches were all qualified. Discovering Wysa was a turning point. Despite initial hesitations due to language barriers, I decided to try it.

Meeting my coach for the first time was nerve-wracking, but her kindness and understanding made all the difference. She understood my suffering and thanked me for contacting Wysa’s counseling service. I felt safe talking with her. Through our sessions, I confronted my struggles – from battling diagnosed depression to strained family relationships and past work challenges. I felt that my coach genuinely cared for me and guided by her, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I shared that I’d become somewhat recluse and spent most of my time at home, but my ultimate goal was to build a safe and authentic relationship with friends and enjoy my life. We set small targets each week, and slowly I started to move out of my room.

I often have panic attacks or feel that a panic attack is coming when I leave my house, which makes it challenging for me to go shopping at a supermarket only 10 minutes away. My coach was understanding and encouraged and supported me through this, giving me some helpful techniques to try. One was to make an affirmation before taking public transport. For example, I tell myself, “I may experience rapid breathing or discomfort, but that’s just an anxiety. Even if anything happens, there are people around me who would help me.” Each time I leave my house, I make an affirmation and encourage myself. Being gentle with myself and trusting helps me a lot.

Another idea was to take pictures of things I like while walking outside to appreciate my surroundings and feel less anxious. I took pictures of flowers and trees and shared them with my therapist. It gave me a purpose to getting outside.

A third technique my wysa coach recommended is grounding. When I feel anxious leaving the house I listen to Wysa’s audio grounding techniques and simply follow the audio instructions. I like to end with a grounding statement, which is my favorite part. I usually tell myself, “You are safe,” or “You are supported,” while I place my hands on my heart or hug myself. Since I lost my mother, no one around me can reassure me when I feel anxious. So, I am learning to care for myself in this way through Wysa’s audio meditation exercises.

Eri shares more about the self-help tools she uses from the Wysa app in a recent blog post on her website. You can read it here.

Setting small goals and embracing mindfulness practices became my daily routine, helping me reclaim agency over my life. Wysa’s self-care tools proved invaluable to me during moments of panic and anxiety, and I was grateful for my coaches advice on which to use and when. As I navigate life’s challenges, Wysa remains a companion and with each passing day, I inch closer towards my goal of overcoming fears and forging genuine connections and embracing life’s joys with open arms. I continue this journey knowing that I am never alone.

Read more about Eri’s journey in her own words: My Healing Journey by Eri.

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