My therapist introduced me to Wysa and it helped me out of my shell – Andrei’s Story

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45-year-old graphic designer and administrative worker, Andrei, from the USA shares his story

45-year-old graphic designer and administrative worker, Andrei, from the USA shares how he found Wysa with the help of his therapist and how using Wysa in-between sessions has helped him in both his personal life and career. Here is his story.

“I’ve been using Wysa every day for the last three weeks. I recently underwent a medical procedure and it was weighing me down. I felt very apathetic, tired and depressed. I needed to destress myself, so I took charge, got in touch with my therapist and told him that I needed to redouble my recovery effort in order to maintain peace and harmony. We were searching for CBT therapy apps that I could use in between my sessions and then my therapist introduced me to Wysa.

When I first started using the app, I was surprised that the AI chatbot immediately detected that I had apathy. Overall, the chatbot is able to give me a good direction of what I need on a daily basis. I like it when it gives me positive feedback, because that helps to stay motivated.

I’ve used the Wysa CBT tools as well as the coaching feature. The tools have helped me reduce stress and reframe my thinking patterns. On occasion, there are really stressful days when I practice Wysa’s breathing exercises twice or even three times in a day. The focus meditation and body scans are also really good. The tool pack on the step-by-step grieving process was the most useful I’ve done in my entire life. I had a poor way of grieving for many years. It helped me to reduce the stress of burdening myself with grief. The sleep stories are another favorite tool because they help me go to sleep right away and get some rest, even immediately after having an insomnia attack. Over time, I plan to try all the tools.

I signed up for a short trial with a Wysa coach but was unable to continue it due to financial constraints. However, even in that short period, the coach helped me assess what I needed to work on and guided me in the right direction.

Wysa’s tools have helped me get out of my shell, reconnect with my inner circle and affirm my intention to get better. I can see a change in my attitude today. I am more confident than I was over this summer. I am also able to regulate my thoughts in a better way, whereas I had no clue how to do so earlier. I also noticed an improvement in my emotional well-being, in the way that I express myself to other people, and my relationships with my family, including my mom, dad and brother. I am able to give them space and be more mindful towards them. Even on the professional front, Wysa’s mindfulness tools have helped me with my career

My current therapist has seen improvements in my mental health since I started using Wysa. Honestly, I feel that I improve a lot more when I use the app than with a therapist. But then I also think they co-relate in a better way because the therapist is like the administrator of your behavioral health while the Wysa app can be a part of different moments of my life in between sessions.

I use Wysa along with a couple of other free mental health apps that focus on mood tracking and show you how much you’re improving. As compared to them, Wysa has superior AI to observe, detect and automate what tools can help with my mental health and emotions.

Wysa has improved my life and done a lot of good things for me. I recommended it to my brother and his family when they were struggling after the recent hurricane in Florida, as well as a friend. I feel that most people who have struggled with other mental health apps can try Wysa and benefit from it.”

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