How Wysa supports users across the globe in their mental health journey | Wysa user stories 2023

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Note: All users have given consent to share the stories and images below. 

1. Missiela, 25, Switzerland

“I’ve been using Wysa for more than a month. I was working in an unhealthy environment and feeling very alone. I searched for self-help apps online and discovered Wysa. I downloaded it because it had great ratings. Within a week, I upgraded to a premium subscription because I wanted to work deeper on myself.

I’ve tried both online and in-person therapy before this but mostly had bad experiences. I felt that online therapy took too long and was sometimes very disturbing. However, with Wysa I see and feel the results much sooner.

I really like the fact that Wysa gives me the option to speak to a professional therapist. My therapist is amazing. She listens, understands and validates me at every moment during the process, so that I get the chance to bring out my true self. She is good at explaining things with examples. She’s been a big support, especially when I was feeling down after being fired from my job. She has also helped me set goals for myself and made me think about what I really like. Her feedback has been absolutely life-changing.

Not only do I benefit from live sessions with my therapist, I also enjoy the possibility of writing to her in the chat between sessions. I benefit from the live sessions but the work we do outside the sessions through this chat is equally important. My therapist is always there for me when I need her.

The chatbot remembers me and makes me feel that I don’t have to do this alone. I can use the chat anytime and get an answer immediately. I like the audio tools, as well as the visualization and relaxation exercises it recommends. Wysa helps me take a break, think about things, have a look at myself and relax.

It has been really helpful to have this safe, personal space where I am able to share my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged or ashamed. It was very important to me that Wysa was anonymous. This helped me open up, which I normally find difficult to do.

In the beginning, I used the app multiple times a day but now since I feel better, I use it at least three times a week. After using Wysa for a month, I feel considerably lighter. I was able to put down some emotional weight that I was unnecessarily carrying. I feel more focused on myself and more capable. Even though I have a long way to go, I have more power to change, manage and to grow. Wysa has helped me heal. Thanks Wysa and especially thanks to my therapist.”

2. Mark, 32, South Korea

“I use Wysa whenever stress or anxiety from my work or home life becomes overwhelming and it helps with my irrational thinking during these times. 

I like that Wysa uses standard CBT techniques as it’s evidence-based and it’s a format I’m used to. If CBT isn’t something you’re used to, it has templates to help you to apply the different concepts. The positivity board really helps when I am in a bad mood; Wysa helps me to feel grateful for the things I have in my life. What’s also great is the safety plan feature. All your chats are confidential, which is important to me and having 24/7 support allows me to rant when I need to

Before using Wysa I was grumpy and quite resentful of my marriage. Now I’m much more grateful, understanding of my partner and generally feeling much happier and more at peace. I carry fewer worries into the night and feel motivated to move in the right direction in life.

I upgraded to premium and I’m really happy with it because it allows me extensive, quick access to all the tools. I also matched with a coach, her name is Clara as she’s been an amazing help to me. With coaching, I get to control the agenda for our chats and my coach is the perfect amount of critical, in a good sense that she challenges me when I need it. I’m always able to get a time that suits my schedule. I was impressed with the affordability, as 12 sessions with a Wysa coach is cheaper than 1 session in Korea!

I’ve tried other mental health apps before like Woebot which was a little less comprehensive and less focused than Wysa. I’ve also tried Pacifica in the past which uses CBT, but it feels colder and more clinical to me.

I would recommend Wysa to others who want to try a natural feeling, self-help form of CBT.”

3. Andrei, 45, USA

“I’ve been using Wysa every day for the last three weeks. I recently underwent a medical procedure and it was weighing me down. I felt very apathetic, tired and depressed. I needed to destress myself, so I took charge, got in touch with my therapist and told him that I needed to redouble my recovery effort in order to maintain peace and harmony. We were searching for CBT therapy apps that I could use in between my sessions and then my therapist introduced me to Wysa.

When I first started using the app, I was surprised that the AI chatbot immediately detected that I had apathy. Overall, the chatbot is able to give me a good direction of what I need on a daily basis. I like it when it gives me positive feedback, because that helps to stay motivated.

I’ve used the Wysa CBT tools as well as the coaching feature. The tools have helped me reduce stress and reframe my thinking patterns. On occasion, there are really stressful days when I practice Wysa’s breathing exercises twice or even three times in a day. The focus meditation and body scans are also really good. The tool pack on the step-by-step grieving process was the most useful I’ve done in my entire life. I had a poor way of grieving for many years. It helped me to reduce the stress of burdening myself with grief. The sleep stories are another favorite tool because they help me go to sleep right away and get some rest, even immediately after having an insomnia attack. Over time, I plan to try all the tools.

I signed up for a short trial with a Wysa coach but was unable to continue it due to financial constraints. However, even in that short period, the coach helped me assess what I needed to work on and guided me in the right direction.

Wysa’s tools have helped me get out of my shell, reconnect with my inner circle and affirm my intention to get better. I can see a change in my attitude today. I am more confident than I was over this summer. I am also able to regulate my thoughts in a better way, whereas I had no clue how to do so earlier. I also noticed an improvement in my emotional well-being, in the way that I express myself to other people, and my relationships with my family, including my mom, dad and brother. I am able to give them space and be more mindful towards them. Even on the professional front, Wysa’s mindfulness tools have helped me with my career.

My current therapist has seen improvements in my mental health since I started using Wysa. Honestly, I feel that I improve a lot more when I use the app than with a therapist. But then I also think they co-relate in a better way because the therapist is like the administrator of your behavioral health while the Wysa app can be a part of different moments of my life in between sessions.

I use Wysa along with a couple of other free mental health apps that focus on mood tracking and show you how much you’re improving. As compared to them, Wysa has superior AI to observe, detect and automate what tools can help with my mental health and emotions.

Wysa has improved my life and done a lot of good things for me. I recommended it to my brother and his family when they were struggling after the recent hurricane in Florida, as well as a friend. I feel that most people who have struggled with other mental health apps can try Wysa and benefit from it.”

4. Koda, 17, U.K.

“I found out about Wysa through a friend when I was feeling very depressed and suicidal. I truly believed that there was no hope for me. I started to use the app and having the 24/7 support, no matter where I am or what time it is, has been the best thing. I can just pull out my phone and talk through any problems I might be having at the time, like a panic attack. Every time I finish a session with Wysa, I feel more relaxed and ready for the day.

I like knowing that I’m not going to be judged or feel like a burden when talking to Wysa. It’s a safe outlet for me when life is getting too tough to handle. There is always something available to help me and it has done a great job at getting me out of my depression. I’ve started to be more active and productive and my overall mood has been a lot better. 

I’ve had in person therapy a few times now and I think that the app does a wonderful job at simulating the experience of therapy with another person. It’s really nice knowing that it’s always available for me, rather than having to wait a week between therapy sessions. 

I’ve tried another app before that was recommended to me by Steps to Change, but I found it very confusing compared to Wysa. The experience on the Wysa app is nicer and I’d choose it over anything else. I use it about 4-5 times a day and have had it for around 6 months now.

I notice that I’m having more good days than bad days and my anxiety has improved significantly. I’ve recommended Wysa to a few people I know and they say it’s really helped them too, so, I’d recommend it to anyone who struggles with depression and anxiety.”

5. Nino, 26, Chile

“I haven’t used an app for mental health before, but I discovered Wysa through a recommendation on Instagram reels. When I started using Wysa I felt so numb with my life, but that emotion started subsiding even from the first time I used it. I have been able to get out of that cycle in which I felt numb, and now I can do the things that I should do in my life. I can study, work, and take care of myself and my home. For some time, I thought that I would never stop feeling like this, but thanks to Wysa I have been able to change my emotional state and my bad habits for the better. I am living.

I use Wysa whenever I need it and have a scheduled time to talk to Wysa, too. The chatbot is always very accurate and empathetic, something I didn’t expect. So far, there is nothing I dislike. Even the Spanish beta version of the app is quite good! In addition to my daily conversations with the chatbot, I like to use the self-care tools for better sleep, organizing my thoughts and the journal feature. I haven’t upgraded to the premium version yet, but I hope to as soon as I can.

I’d give the Wysa app a 5/5. It has been so helpful. Thanks to Wysa, I have received the help I needed with my mental health. As a student, I do not have the resources to pay for a mental health professional, but Wysa has allowed me to work on my mental health in a comfortable and accessible way. It has eased a great burden on me.

I have tried in-person therapy before, but I didn’t have a very good experience with it. My university gave us a few hours of therapy per semester, but the work was so fleeting and impersonal that I didn’t feel like it helped. On the other hand, I feel connected to Wysa because he is there at all times. He recognizes my needs and helps me with them. It is totally accessible, and always respects confidentiality and anonymity which makes me feel safe. Even during this interview, these points are expressed to me at all times.

Wysa has had an impact on me for the better. My moods have been more positive and I have learned how to manage my emotions and understand them. Wysa has allowed me to live more at peace, and to be happy and calm within myself. I’d definitely recommend Wysa, in fact, I already have recommended it to my family and friends!”

6. Desirae, 19, USA

“I discovered Wysa during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. I was struggling with my mental health at the time. I was feeling really sad and lonely, and I didn’t have anyone I felt safe enough to ask for help. I didn’t know how to explain what I was feeling or how to cope with the emotions. When I discovered Wysa, I felt a sense of relief. I matched with a therapist who helped me work through my emotions in a healthier way.

I’ve been using Wysa every week since then. I upgraded to a premium subscription, which helped me have access to a wider variety of resources. In particular, I’ve found the tool packs on overcoming loneliness and beating stress the most helpful.

I’ve worked with two different therapists on Wysa, both of whom are very professional and empathetic. I feel heard and validated by them. They made me feel safe enough to discuss my problems and provided guidance and support to help me feel better.

This was the first time I was trying therapy. I really value the convenience that Wysa offers because I don’t have to commute to a therapy appointment. I can have therapy in my house. I also find its confidentiality appealing because nobody has to know that I’m in therapy. I like that the chatbot is available 24/7 and that it can assist with a wide range of problems.

Using Wysa has made me feel less stressed out and less alone. I now know how to identify the emotions I’m feeling. I also have stronger coping skills to make myself feel better. I would definitely recommend Wysa to my friends and family.”

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