Wysa found to be only chatbot-based mental health app with 5 types of crisis support for users

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Wysa was recently spotlighted in a comprehensive research study by M D Romael Haque and Sabirat Rubya published in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth on exploring the capabilities of and user perception towards 10 top mental health chatbots. The research: An Overview of Chatbot-Based Mobile Mental Health Apps: Insights From App Description and User Reviews, emphasised the crucial need for effective crisis support in mental health apps, especially given the unpredictable nature of mental health challenges.

What set Wysa apart? It was the only one of the 10 mental health apps found to encompass all five types of crisis support identified in the study, namely:

1. Availability of crisis-related information
2. Access to self-care tools
3. Access to a professional therapist
4. Ability to detect potential crisis from the chat
5. Ability to notify designated personnel

This stands as a stark contrast to two apps that lacked any crisis support for their users.

For an in-depth look at how Wysa compares to some of the most popular mental health chatbots out there in terms of crisis support, conversational design and more, read the full study here.

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