Wysa Appoints Becky Inkster As Advisor


Image courtesy of ITU Pictures from Geneva, Switzerland – AI for Good Global Summit 2018, CC BY 2.0, 

Wysa is delighted to announce the formal appointment of Dr. Becky Inkster as an Advisor. 

Dr. Inkster will advise Wysa on the prioritization of ethical innovations that protect and positively impact people’s lives. She is also currently creating a global culture around Cybersecurity in Digital Mental Health in which Wysa is actively engaged.

She said: “For the past 6 years I’ve helped nurture Wysa and I am now ready to play a much more significant and substantial role in Wysa’s future. I want to help Wysa reach new heights in many ways, but especially in terms of ethical innovation around safety, privacy, security, accessibility, and driving innovations that embrace the culture and respect people.

“I believe that safety and security are non-negotiable and paramount when innovating in the digital health space. As an Advisor to Wysa, I will help the company lead by example in prioritizing ethical innovations that protect and positively impact people’s lives,” concluded Dr. Inkster.

Dr. Becky Inkster is affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge University in the UK and the Alan Turing Institute, UK. She is on the International Advisory Board for Lancet Digital Health and is a Co-Chair of the IEEE Standards Association IC Program on Ethical Assurance of Data-Driven Technologies for Mental Healthcare. Becky holds a DPhil from the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, UK. 

About Wysa:
Wysa is a global leader in AI-driven mental health support, available both to individuals and through employer benefits and healthcare programs. Wysa is intended to support individuals with the help of an “emotionally intelligent” conversational agent. The bot uses evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises, as well as micro-actions to help users build mental resilience skills. For employers, Wysa offers a workplace solution that caters to the full spectrum of mental health needs. This solution embeds into existing company benefits, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or external health care provider networks, and can be customized by geography or cohort. Currently, Wysa has facilitated over 400 million conversations in 65 countries across the globe. Wysa works with 20 enterprise partners and 7 million employees worldwide, with partners that include Accenture Global, Aetna International, NHS, L’Oreal, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and the Ministry of Health in Singapore. 

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